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Best Gas Mileage Cars

Based on research and actual tests we came about listing our own best gas mileage cars.

You'll be surprised of the results since some of them are not what you will usually expect. Sure, hybrids topped the charts since they are the most economical, brand new conventional cars with high EPA rating's are also on the list.

But what's unique about our list of best gas mileage cars is the number of used cars that are topping off the brand new ones in terms of MPG. Did you know that 15 year old cars that you can buy for $1000 can give you upto 40MPG?.

It's amazing since it's well known that the older the car gets, the more inefficient it becomes.

The oil crisis has turned it around and proved that inefficiency doesn't really come with age but with the use and maintenance. Gas was cheaper then and we hardly notice any increase in costs brought about by poor car maintenance and we're always ready to blame on the cars age.

Here's our list of best gas mileage cars starting with the hybrid's, brand new (conventional) and used.




Best Gas Mileage Cars #1 Pick: Toyota Prius

From its debut, the fuel efficiency of a Prius has yet to be beaten, boasting a 48MPG in the city, it's quite difficult for the competition to attain. The Prius's interior is roomy with a love it or hate it space age design, it's easy to maneuver and of course environment friendly.

MPG: City 48

Hwy 45

Price: $21,500 (www.toyota.com)


Best Gas Mileage Cars #2 Pick: Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda Civic's has been known for its great performance, reliability and fuel efficiency. That's why civic's are a favorite by many. This hybrid civic not only offers fuel efficiency, great styling and safety, it also looks like a conventional sedan. The downside however, is it fails to provide the power that is needed on the highway, even for a hybrid car.

MPG: City 40

Hwy 45

Price: $ 22,600 (www.honda.com)


Best Gas Mileage Cars #3 Pick: Nissan Altima Hybrid

A sleek design and an all good performance makes this car a good buy, with it's borrowed technology from toyota, you can expect a performance comparable to a prius. Unfortunately, the hybrid altima is a bit pricey, with full options, the price could go way up to $34,000 and availability is limited.

MPG: City 35

HWY 33

Price: $25,480 (www.edmunds.com)


Best Gas Mileage Cars #4 Pick: Ford Escape Hybrid

The best-selling compact SUV in the market. The Ford Escape has a bolder redesigned exterior that makes it more appealing. The interior is comfortable, clean and has plenty of room. With 155hp that can take you off from 0 to 60 mph in less than 10 seconds, you'll forget it's a hybrid.

MPG: City 34

HWY 30

Price: $ 26,640 (www.fordvehicles.com)


Best Gas Mileage Cars #5 Pick: Mazda Tribute Hybrid

Awarded with SmartWay Elite certification, you are sure that thi tribute lives up to its environment friendly claims. The Tribute boasts off a 2.3L engine with 133hp, enough to give you the power you need on the busy streets. The car seats 5 comfortably in its cloth trimmed seats, and the dashboard is decent enough to please almost everybody and with an option like a navigation system with voice direction, it will surely feel like a touring car.

MPG: City 34

HWY 30

Price: $ 26,135


Brand New (Conventional):


Best Gas Mileage Cars #1: Toyota Yaris

Toyota has been known for its reliability and durability. I've seen 13 year old toyota's that are running smoothly. The Yaris seats 4 comfortably in its cloth seats, the console is decent enough, it has a radio with an MP3 and CD player. And I'd say OK enough with its 106hp 4 speed automatic.

MPG: City 29

HWY 35

Price: $11,550 (www.toyota.com)


Best Gas Mileage Cars #2: Ford Focus

A powerful car that's surprisingly fuel efficient. The focus has been getting good reviews because of its good looks, tight handling and great MPG's. The interior is spaciuos enough and the panel controls are user friendly and it talks! The SYNC technology is great! It scores a 5 on its saftey features such as dual airbags, curtain airbags, front seat side airbags and anti-theft system. The Focus' 140hp 2.0L engine will surely take you for a ride.

MPG City 24

HWY 35

Price: $14,395 (www.fordvehicles.com)


Best Gas Mileage Cars #3: Mini Cooper

Need I say more about this classic beauty that will surely stand the test of time, just like its predecessor. Good looks, great handling, comfy interiors with all the fun options and fuel efficiency. I don't think you'll have a reason not to buy a mini. A sporty new mini comes with a 118hp 1.6L engine.

MPG City 28

HWY 37

Price: $19,950


Best Gas Mileage Cars #4: Honda Fit

Honda's are a favorite in terms of fuel efficience and reliability, as well as for racing because of its many options that you can do to boost the cars performance. The Honda Fit is a cute and stylish compact that will not let you down. It's appearance, comfort, performance and value scores a whopping 4.5 out 5. The fit is small enough to fit on tight parking slots and powerful enough to get you going. A 109hp 1.5L engine is decent enough for city driving.

MPG City 28

HWY 34

Price: $13,950 (www.automobiles.honda.com)


Best Gas Mileage Cars #5: Toyota Corolla

Toyota's mainstay, the corolla's have never failed to deliver reliable and fuel efficient cars. The new corolla is stylish and roomier than ever. Ride is smooth and quiet and the interiors are comfortable and the dashboard is easy and functional. Who needs MP3 players with its satellite radio, although it does have MP3. You can squeeze in 5, sacrificing a bit of comfort, in its cloth seats. There are storage bins here and there that makes room for soare change and all. A modest 132hp 1.8L engine, it will make you forget about MPG's sometimes and just feel the power.

MPG City 27

HWY 35

Price: $15,250




Cars with best gas mileage #1: 1992 Honda Civic VX

Not for those that are looking for power, the VX only sports a 92hp engine so forget about racing on the highway. The car would fit 4, uncomfortably though, due its short leg room at the back. And the cargo room is too small as well. This car is all about economy, that's it.

MPG City 39

HWY 49

I've read reviews that some people get as high as 45 MPG in city driving with this car.


Cars with best gas mileage #2: 1992 Geo Metro

A typical 1.0L 3 cylinder engine 5 speed manual transmission. A slow drag but it gives you your money's worth.

MPG: City 38

HWY 44


Cars with best gas mileage #3: 1995 Opel Vectra A2 hatchback

An even less powerful car with 74hp but great fuel economy, not as good as the honda but it is larger and can fit 4 more comfortably. It's a 5 speed manual transmission, so better be ready to be using hands in switching gears.

MPG City 26

HWY 34

With an owner record of 38 MPG.


Cars with best gas mileage #4: 2000 Mitsubishi Lancer GLX

Another favorite for those who want to sup-up their ride. But that's not the purpose of this review. A small but not so small car, it has smooth and quiet ride and the modest engine boasts off 111hp, strong enough to get you around the city.

MPG City 28

HWY 36


Cars with best gas mileage #5: 1983 honda Civic DX

Another little Honda that is topping the charts. 1.5L engine with 67 hp. Not much power but the car is really light so it does go around. I'd say it would fit 3, 4 would be a little bit too crowded especially if it's the big boys. The look is very plain but it does its job in saving you some money.

MPG City 32

HWY 36


Used car prices vary depending on location and dealer.



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